The Public Profile Project \\ Statement

The Public Profile Project is an examination of online identity through found media on Facebook, Tumblr and Youtube. Though each piece could stand alone, Public Profile is united as a whole through issues of voyeurism, exploitation and feminism. The staggering number of social media images is nearly impossible to regard contextually, the banal often overwhelming the significant. However, observed differently, these sites can also be seen as a billion-man poll of contemporary society. In the context of Public Profile, the conclusions are simultaneously uncomfortable and inconclusive regarding our identity in this online world.

News / Features:

Pretty / Ugly shown at Slideluck NYC XVIII at Photoville. Judged by Matthew Leifheit of Vice and Gideon Jacobs of Magnum Photos.

OOTD: Boobs shown at the NY Photo Festival's GIF Box in Photoville

OOTD: Boobs featured in Oranbeg NET 07

Interview with the Aperture Foundation

The Public Profile of an American Girl now shown as part of the Aperture Summer Open

The Public Profile of an American Girl on Cool Hunting

Interview with L'Oeil de Links, France

Pretty / Ugly shown at Slideluck Stockholm III