The Public Profile Project \\ I Love You, I Love You, IRL

do you think he's the dominant one or more submissive type between the sheets?

do you think he has a romantic/sexy/make out playlist or fave songs for such occasions?

i swear you people are trying to kill me with these gifs. i'm in a constant state of arousal and it's all your fault!

i love how he kisses with his eyes open

he's watching to see if you're enjoying it. that's whats so fucking sexy. he'll make sure you're fully satisfied before he sorts himself out. i just knowww

okay, now i understand how him reading a story would work, but honestly it was the jaguar commercials that did it for me. unf. i love those....i love those indecently. and yeah, i didn't even bother going anon on this. what now!?

hi 5 for the balls! whatever tickles your pickle. some people might like the idea of strapping him up like a leather dogs dinner and whipping his peach. not me. im a bit of a sensual miss. 

what i wouldn't give to stroke his chins.

my panties have done more than evaporated.

i sometimes wonder how is it possible for him not to walk around with constant boner. how is he not aroused all the time by being ________ ___________? if i was him i'd fap to meself all the time.

did you know ________'s on the list of the famous intact men (as in, uncut). thoughts?

let's all take a moment to appreciate the fucking ______neck in the bottom one.

jesus. veins. fluffy chest hair. neck crevice. collar bone. fuck.

How is it even possible to get pregnant four times from looking at some pictures?! Damn, ________. You've got a lot to answer for!

fuck. it's like he's about to pounce on me. so sexy.

i'm watching his crotch so closely it's like his dick is breathing what am i doing

Its ridiculous how many times I imagine me and him making love, its never rough, its always passionate and sweet. I can hear his deep groans and imagine myself gently pulling his hair.

his horny eyes could get me going for eternity. 

i'm here for the hair below his belly button. can't. look. away.

he just is the body. i love how the thing he wears here makes him look totally naked... 

i had a dream about ________ last night. it began with him sitting on some couch and i was sitting next to him, the dream was from my eyes/my point of view. all of a sudden (omg) his face is leaning closer and closer to mine - then we're kissing. hands clinging everywhere, tongues battling, hands in hair... god, it felt so real! it was soooo fucking hot. ooommmmggg, i can't even. i can still feel it.

He looks so goddamned cute here.

the veins in his hands, unf.

you need a special license to operate a face like that.

fuck.   me hard

best/biggest smile award goes to you

i think i like his profile

how can you listen to him and not want to get off to that beautiful voice?

he looks like such a rockstar here in his leather. if he dabbled a little harder with that lead singer kink many years ago, who knows what he'd be doing right now..... i know for sure i'd still be fangirling over him.

his ass is eating them trousers. damn boyo.

his gorgeous profile. 

i'm here for the collarbone porn. 

his intent stare in the second one, please, do that all the time. 

i stare at something new each time but i always come back to the fluff right below his belly button.... 

what do you think he's like post-sexy times? does he roll over and fall asleep or does he wrap around his lover like some kind of cuddly sex koala?

i'm pretty sure his o face would be pretty good. slightly gasping and intense not vocally loud but urgent and he'd really thrust as he pushed himself to orgasm (he'd make sure the lady he was with had finished first of course)...

i have, 'my boy lollipap', makes my heart goooo giddyup' in my head. i find that fucking sexy him sucking on that lolly....

it's his middle bloody finger, i just can't. its about 5 foot 6. 

maybe he doesn't have tattoos, maybe he has prince albert mwahahah! just imagine that!

... i suppose there's no, well, the illegal footage of it? not the naked play, the movie screening. even that doesn't exist, let alone a pic of him naked. i mean, if there was a pic of him naked, it would have already been posted all over tumblr. no, it's better this way.

that's such a 'i wish i was kissing you in stead' look. it's sexy as fuck.

do you think he's secretly or not so secretly aroused by the thought of his fans lusting for him? or do you think he's scared? does he even know we all want to ride his dick? well, at least i do.

listen, if he could just send me a voicemail saying, 'ive read your blog, you know how much that shit turns me on. i'll tell you what it does to me when i read about your and your followers little fantasies shall i..' etc so on and so forth.

i want to bury my face in his neck like, really badly.

what do you think about, and i mean no disrespect, about all the stories about him having a small dick. i don't think it matters, but do you think it perhaps makes him a bit insecure and self-conscious. he doesn't really strike me as the one night stand type. he doesn't even seem like he's had many sexual partners. so perhaps that's the answer? i'd still do him, of course, all the way.

what do you think is his dirtiest sex fantasy? (i know we can't possibly know, so let your immagination wild and take a wild guess:d) p. s. you can add naughty details if you feel particulary inspired :d

what kind of drunk do you think ___ is? flirty, rude, happy, dirty...?

sexiest mouth ever.

i always tell my boyfriend that my biggest fantasy is to have a threesome with ___ and him. watching them makeout and then i get in the middle of them like a sexy white man sandwich. sharp jaws and cheekbones everywhere. gives me the sexual shivers

his two adam's apple's astound me. 

not really a question more of an observation! just looking at beach_____ in depth and realising how many freckles/moles ben has on his torso, and more significantly how much i want to lick each and every one. no shame. not even sorry. yolo.

the way his left hand clasps his right.... ugh. hand movements are sexy now. it is law.

warnings: pure neck porn

will never not reblog that bulge. the veins in the arms is sexy as hell too.

I cant picture ________ doing dirty stuff, or dirty-talking. I think hes really shy and romantic, a gentleman ... But Id love to find his playful side. Convince him to a night of pure, hot, sex.

The thought of what he can do.....the memory of his roles....and just...him.

He can make me cry without even trying or knowing I exist..

The shirt is fantastic! It makes him look naked.

When the hell is he going to do something to make me like him less?

I'd give anything to eat McNuggets off of _________ ___________'s ass

are you kidding? i could orgasm with his hair alone.

enjoying latest sex face by _________. unlike others, this one seems like it might be accurate. though it's more of the face he'd make when you slide his foreskin back with your tongue. just saying... gaah, i could look at this face for hours, watching his lips move with my every move, listening his deep moans as i lick that precum drop from the top of his dick.

lips. hair. neck. too much. over stimulated. eyes explode!

post coital hug, come on!!
okay. maybe i'd make him go and put the kettle on while we shower or something but i'd definitely want loving kisses afterward yezplz.

fondling your arse cheek again, ___________? 

the greatest of neck porns.

thinking... so many... dirty thoughts...

really, ___________, was that necessary?
are our fantasies not sinful enough for you?

kiss, lick, suck.

holy mother of unf. this has been placed top on my list of wank banks

here's what i've heard: color of man's lips matches the color of his penis head. it's probably not true, but boy, it makes for a good fantasy. makes me stare at his lips and imagine his other body parts.

that neck is asking for it. 

yes yes yes yes yes! was that an orgasm!? i think it was.

oh my. the...the crease at his waistline....i want to lick it....i could stare at this photo for a very very very long time.....

i'm now imagining a sweetie fight in the bedroom with him. i'd sooo aim for the penis.

seriously. the second one. that's a purposeful gesture if i've ever seen one. cripes.

do you think ________ has any dirty kinks? or is he more gentle when it comes to lovin' ;)

this man is carved from angels i sweaaaaar. neck shadows. ugh. scoff. sugh.

picture from this day are still killing me softly. 

sweet jesus he's the best looking biker boy i've ever seen.

the chest porn. -the noise i just made was nobody's business-

do you know this kind of hangover-feeling after a full night of fangirling? when you say to yourself 'this has to stop now, i'll stay away from _______ and tumblr and start a proper mature life' and all? and then you find yourself googling '________ naked' again?

lip bite so sexy.

he might have this dom kink. no-one will know but sure we can fantasize about it!! i just see him as this very intimate, lots of kisses, closeness, whispers sweet nothings into your ear type of lover. one of my things for sure. haha

side neck porn.

middle spiderman prem scarf will be my ultimate favourite.

i am jealous of a freaking door. a. door.

just look at the hand softly move across it. ugh.

Can you post a really hot pic of ______? I need something to get me thru the day at work. Ok, make it several it's going to be a very long day.

know its not technically clothes related and dont want to sound creepy but I have read that he always smells wonderful...having never met him I dont know if this is true but do you know what scent he wears if any?

It's 04:22 now and I should really get some sleep- and you keep giving me mental images of ________ doing yoga and swimming half naked??? That's sadistic. Give me a rest!!

Girls, there is enough _______ for all of us, I'm sure. Let's just share him. And let's swarm out and find ourselves some photos of him doing seriously sporty stuff.

Oh god yes

I wonder what he thinks if he sees the more pervy comments. Also, I'm sorry that you seem to be confused. He belongs to me. That boy belongs to me. The boy is mine.

About the yoga outfit thing - he does Bikram yoga for Sherlock which involves really high temperatures, so I'd imagine he'd be considerably more comfortable the less he was wearing. Enjoy the mental image... Nice hoodie, ________. And now take it off and come to bed.

I don't like to repeat myself but...
The boy is mine.

what do you think ________'s orgasm face is like? is he loud in bed do you think?

I too would not mind seeing a single layer of spandex gently cradling ________'s ________.

I found another hoodie pohoto and I am crying like oh my dear this is so perfect. Is it seriously navy? A navy coloured hoodie? I am scared. Have I died and gone to heaven?

they are good for shaping his butt, they are good for keeping him belt-less and yet not having to worry about dropping his pants, they are good fap-material

That was glued on? Oh my, oh my...  Yes, the beard in wreckers is perfect. And when he is in bed playing with that candy bracelet. I mean what even is this porn? Not healthy(sohealthy).

You might be drunk, but he looks fucking marvellous even when you are sober. Especially in the grey tank top. I mean EFFING HNNNNG! So hot in that movie! And such a tragic movie! And yet so beautiful. I might rewatch it soon too.

I hate speedos on most people (probably because most of the people I see wearing them are not nearly fit enough to be wearing them), but I would be okay with ___ in a speedo. Yep. Yeeeppp.

he'd have to be saying something in partiuclar for me to get off on voice alone. something personal.but you are right. hands. neck. sex face. the list is endless. 

...but imagine the bulge.

Oh don't  come hither me like that or I'll come hither you when you least expect it and make you come hither me properly. This makes no sense.

God, I see him with those bloody crocs and my heart is jumping and I'm blushing and everything....Where is my dignity when I need it? This is really bad. Really, really bad.

covering the crotch with the scarf. nice move. just another excuse to look at the tassle-y bit. lolz.

hey, birthday boy! you are beautiful.

Sexual Frustration fics. I think I need a cold shower.

Last night I dreamed I gave ________ a totally righteous blowjob. He filmed it. There was filming of other things too but that part stuck out the most.

I'd really love a rough and dominant ________. I LOVED all the dominant!________ fics...I need more! MOAR! :D

him fondling and sipping that corona bottle is hmmm yes good. face in the 4th just hit me right in the pants.

please can i put my face in your face for like 2 seconds. that's all i ask.

the neck porn and chest hair and ohhhh. this photoshoot really tingles my mingle.

do you think he's a type who fucks on the first date or does he wait a bit? well, i guess he waits for a girl to be ready, but i'd be ready in about 10 minutes, so i don't know if he'd be up for that.

excuse me, i need to go change my underwear.

i get irrationally angry when he talks about how ugly he thinks he is. i mean come on he has to know what he is doing

so bloody cute, sir!!

oh god, that last gif of him rolling that belt gave me some nasty nasty thoughts.


Look at his fucking eyes.

Aw fuck! That puppy-dog look! dead!

You are adorable argh

I hope, one day, he will look at me in exactly the same way "WOW, you are the most fascinating girl I ever met"

I adore that mildly surprised/inquisitive expression

this picture is just... i'm lost for words. his hair looks so fluffy!

Attentively listening. Such a sweet guy.

That shirt and the way his hair is makes me want to ravish him into oblivion.

the frustration this simple gif has caused me...damn you _____ !!

Why? Are you about to do something naughty? Something to make me breathless? Please?

he's using his crotch to seduce us. 

How the hell am I supposed to do that with you sitting here in front of me being all...well, you? xP
And how the hell am I supposed to do that when you stare at me like that???? NOT FUCKING POSSIBLE!!!!!


in response to your "ever gotten off to his voice" question... dude. casanova audiobook and me had a *grand* old time, that night.

You always make my breathing heavy ___ darling... :D

Ugh, he knows we have to if we don't want to faint at the sight of his beautiful face.

I just spent way too long filling up a folder dedicated solely to ________ ___________... And after spending a half hour browsing the '________ ___________' tag, I now feel like crying. How can perfect people exist, really?

I just want ________ ___________ (in me) in my life.

I am convinced that ________ ___________ is illegal somewhere in the world.

Could you try being a little less perfect, because you're killing me.

This is why I love this man. I mean, he's drop dead gorgeous, but this. This is amazing.

I now want him to portray a swimmer in a movie. For science. Of course. 

I love a man in leather. Of course, I'd rather he wore nothing at all.

i had a wank and an 'oh ___' slipped out in the final few seconds. it just came out, totally caught me by surprise. is that weird?

the tingles i get from him devouring them boobs. actually this whole gifset fucking rulez my parts

i can't even begin to imagine how great sex must be with him.

the gif you made gave me tingles. the thought of stopping him getting changed and just putting my hand right on his junk and giving it a squeeze makes my vagina say hello.

do you ever just feel like crying because ________ is just so cute/adorable/sexy/gorgeous/humble/kind/intelligent/funny? not because you are sad, but just because of all the feeeels. i simply cannot with ___, he is just amazing.

i love everything about this picture except his hair, and yet idc i'd still let him do things to me...he could be bald.

^i know right?!! i'm like "do you not realize how incredibly gorgeous you are?! you are an angel!" *sobs..

wow can we just appreciate his hair it is seriously the best in the picture

where is this from?! omg i'm going to lick my phone.

i love. simples

oh my god you cute man this isn't fair.

so can i please have some high-res gifs of the sex scene? kthx.

i really can't stand him when he's like this.
(and by i can't stand i mean can't stand because my thighs are quaking with desire like a badly-written romance novel.)

oh my god that expression. why can't i hang out with him for one day?!

methinks he has a little filthy mind, just like any 36 years old man!

i think his low hum of pleasure would be heaven.

just fell in love with him even more

the gif you made gave me tingles. the thought of stopping him getting changed and just putting my hand right on his junk and giving it a squeeze makes my vagina say hello.

how do you think he feels knowing there are so many people fapping to him? flattered? shocked? disgusted? horny? or do you think he has no idea what people do while watching him and listening to his orgasm-inducing voice?

this man is just perfect in every way

stop it. stop it. just stop. you're too perfect i can't even. alkjflkdnfnrrrrrrr

good god. that look is pure sin in it's most undiluted form.

that is all.

oh yes, the blue suit of seduction in action...

your neck to me is like a cleavage for a man.

so jealous! didnt you just want to put your face between his thighs and motorboat? hnnnnnnnnggg!

If I'm ever having a slow day at work, I just think of him and I am content for several hours.

so pretty i could cry.

i had a female version of a wet dream last night and my orgasm woke me up. guess who i was dreaming about?

i didn't think there was anything else i could love about this man...i stand corrected!

i actually whimpered when i saw the pattern on the shorts. i...w-h-i-m-p-e-r-e-d.

definitely needs licking that's for sure.
my tongue is getting all excited!

snail trails are shiny and wet. there may not be one on that stomach now. but there will be by the time my ladybits are...

how ridiculous is it that i don't even have to look at any tags to know whose belly button this is? :-d

i'm okay with the fact i can't focus on anything other than the lovely bulge in his pants.

really. i have feels for whatever the unfing chuff he's doing with his hand. hnnnnng. me gusta

i want to go to london. i want to go to london and find that alleyway. and then i want to sit down and weep. and then i want to caress the place he sat with his gorgeous bum. and then i want to lick the wall he leaned to. just saying. i find this to be totally normal, fangirling behaviour...right? just saying. haha§;)

good god! hnnnnnnnnng indeed.

the lip biting is very distracting.... oh my!!

All I want to see ________ have a child. All I want is for him to be happy with some one he deserves.

But see I know that you may be
Just a bit jealous of me
But you're blind if you can't see
That his love is all in me

sitting like a whore sir, you're been spending way too much time with tom hiddleston 8'i

oh, hold still my heart

but i'm now thinking of ________ with a boner, so thank you for that. 

gorgeous photoshoot! motherfucking socks. *screams* and his crotch....

stop, just stop. oh, god the legs...

OHMYGOD! When I first saw the last picture I thought he was wearing a bracelet but on closer inspection it's a watch but his skin is as pale as the white watch face!

lol, he's now reached the 'casually leaning against the wall in a wynd photoshoot' kind of fame. good for him.

i've got him cornered now. who wants to go first?

how can he be so gorgeous?? how??

#i can't because you literally take my breath away

oh goooooooddddddddd tooo much

who told this man he was allowed to exist with that face?

i can't take my eyes off this new photo shoot. maybe i should go get the magazine.

how do you do this? just one smile and guh.

no, you know what?! no! you are not allowed to be this fucki'n sexy so just no stop it no no, i say!

jesus worcestershire christ what are you doing to me

could you just fuck off? like seriously, just.... fuck off.

i pop my collar cos bitches love my neck..

that smile is melting all my highschool stress away.

UNF. Just fuckin' UNF.

Crimson and black, my absolute favorite color combination. Fffffffffffffuuuuuuuck

oh how convenient of this set of gifs to appear right now.
the thrusty movement's from ben in the first 4 do things to me.

Wipe that goddamn adorable dimply grin off your spectacular face, Mr. '_____.
Please. Enough. We get it.

I spend a ridiculous amount of time worrying about him.


oh my god my brain– my knees– my heart. what have you done to me, mr. perfect_____?

Whenever I can't sleep I imagine I'm in ________'s bed and he's holding me in his arms. I feel so safe hat I fall asleep instantly.

i don't care how many times i reblog these pics... they are too gorgeous!!!

I want to teach him to knit, to help those perfect fingers manipulate the yarn, to watch him concentrate when he crosses his first cable and see his elation when he figures out the magic cast-on. I want to make love to him in a nest made of wool.

just... he's so... buuuuuh.

heavens to betsy.
so oddly handsome despite being so not handsome

oh my god, he actually looks older than 25 here. this should not turn me on as much as it does.

oooh, looking very mature and manly here, ________.

fuck you and your fucking perfect face, sir.

I've developed a fixation on ________'s moles. I could spend hours tracing patterns over his face, neck, and chest to connect all the dots.

get out withyour face just ruining my life

Guh. I literally felt a pang in my ovaries when I saw these. I should be disturbed by this...but alas, I feel no remorse whatsoever. Corrupt me, you brilliant man. Corrupt me.

i want to show these to everyone i know because good god, look at how precious he is. i love that smile.

well, one is back of a fantastic holidays, opens tumblr and see this......... god, i missed his face! totally ______batched,...

he looks really sad in the last one... but like a liferuining mother fucker in the rest

what kind of type would be his next girlfriend? and will she be an actress or model or disgner... what do you think?

i like the little sideburn hair thing that curls around his ear.

god, that smile *_*

you know what that neck and chest need? hickies. and lots of them.

________ you just made coming home from work at 3am a whole lot better. new wallpaper!

fuck you and your perfect face and your charming smile and -oh shit my knees are jelly now, thanks! *weeps*

*screams a lot in sexual frustration*

I let out a really high squeal here... and the squealing continues... mum looks weird at me...and now she's coming to the room... yep, it's because of ________ again

is it wrong i think dirty thoughts every time i see ___'s fingers? i normally don't think about a guy's hands either...

It's weird that i find the thought of ___________ looking at boobies hotter than the actual boobies.

1 green sock & 1 pink sock only makes me wonder what colour boxers you are wearing.

omg stop it you tease

if i was ________ ___________ i would touch my butt too.

fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you

you made a gif of ___ kissing a vagina!?! 0_0 where is this gif! i must see it! x

sexually frustrated facepalm of the day brought to you by ________ ___________
because I literally facepalmed
to stop myself from HNNNGHing out loud, I suppose

nghnghnghgnhnghngh hand... thigh

his voice, his hands, i am a puddle.
he does it on purpose, i swear.

I love to dream that ________ and I are on a cruiseliner, but we don't know each other. But then we get cast overboard, and we have to survive on a remote island together for months. When we get found, he picks me a lily from theground, and sticks it behind my ear. We arrive back in Britain, and a few years later we have beautiful white lilies at our wedding. It's also the name of our first born daughter.

this thigh stroke is hottttt okay. okay. i need a box of tissues

can that be my hand? or my leg? whichever i don't care just let me touch you.

I want to feed him because I want to be the reason that button finally pops.

no don't stop, never stop

Lately, Ive been feeling extremely depressed about my family situation. Its just me and my mom, and were so broken, for lack of a better term. I just want ________ to hold me, and tell me that everything will be alright, and that my family wont be broken forever, and no matter how broken we are, that he would still love to be a part of it. Thats not silly of me is it?

I was masturbating a couple of nights ago, and right when I climaxed, I gasped "________" out of nowhere. I regret nothing.

Dangerous. I Keep your eyes from the movement of the hand.

No no no, don't. Me gusta.

Thanks to ________ I defeated the worst part of dermatillomania. Its wonderful .. I dont know what about him gave me the violation to just let my skin heal, but he was the trigger. And I love him for that. I only wish I could let him know and thank him for whatever he did to me that made me achieve this.

Let's just say my favourite pastime includes handcuffs, a toy and a while lot of videos of ________

you might think I'm joking when I say I watched this for 10 straight minutes. BUT I'M NOT.

Reblogging because PORN.

Stop. Stroking. Your leg.
i even tried to do this for a gif.

PORN INDEED!!!! i reblog this because i couldn't stop laughing from the first moment i saw this. even before i read the tags and comments i knew what to expect... none disappoint!! XD oh, the things people do absentmindedly, not knowing what consequences they might have.

pls have mercy on my ovaries

Goddamn it, I didn't even like you, but.

_____, if i'm not allowed to touch it, then neither are you! .... oh all right! touch!

my eyes have followed that hand's movement for 15 minutes. now i'm salivating. woop.

________ strikes me as the sort of fellow whos never been on the receiving end of analingus. AS a woman who very enjoys doing that, Ive given it a thought or two with him. I think hes bet terribly reticent initially - and wouldnt he look winsome blushing to the roots of his hair? But Im very persuasive, and soon enough, Id have him convinced. And then give him the most shattering, astounding orgasm of his life by my tongue in his arse.

time well spent staring at the chest...

unnff dat leg rub

The way he touches his thigh and almost his ass...
Can't stop looking at this.

oh my gosh you guys. look at this. he's just like look at my ass. i touch it like this.

i think - i just swallowed -my tongue. hnnnrnrrrrghhhhhh.

oh that hand....i could watch this gif set for hours.

why is he stroking his thigh like that? just...perfect.

jesus fucking christ, those eyes...

I need. To fuck. This man.

newsflash - he's actually in love with himself. i'm okay with this. :d

you are doing that on purpose. you sexy bastard.
(i love you.)

I want to eat small candies out of that dip in his neck.

oh, that i were a glove upon that hand...

this shouldn't be legal. he shouldn't be allowed to do that. it's not good for my health, christ.

when i think about you, i touch myself...

rolls onto floor sobbing dies i cant i am sobbing

Whenever I see a picture of ________'s neck, shoulders collarbones or chest, I just want to caress his body and bite his skin. I want to taste him and I wanted to hear him say "More!" and "I love you!". I want to have hot sex with him and live with him every day for the rest of my life.

Such a flirty a shit.

I think he does it on purpose. He strolls onto the set, identifies the cameras and the angles and then decides how best to tap dance on our souls and feels.

all of tumblr wants to be that hand right now

If I could just lick ________'s neck, that would be like fucking for me.

___, please don't do that. it hurts the fangirls, ___. it hurts us

if he gets more attractive i may have to kill him or find him and trap him in a box in my house

Im afraid that I might be in love with this man.

i don't blame him. he can't help himself.

seriously now, my lady bits are quivering.

this is not a stroke this is a caress

hes all like you know you want this.

it's early in the morning and i wake up before ___. seeing his semi i dip beneath the sheets and start licking and sucking him until he gets proper hard. i keep blowing him until i feel his hand in my hair, and i look up to see his eyes, still sleepy but so fucking horny.

oh hun, you can touch me like that any day!

It's not the fact that watching him do that gets me turned on (even though it does) but it's more that I imagine him doing that to me over and over and over and over again.

I want to touch the butt
can't stop won't stop.

And I just realised.I have the same shoes.

maybe he thinks he's unattractive in comparison to all the other "dime a dozen" lookin' actors. psssh

wow. just... stop

i'm reblogging this again because unf
so much sexual frustration on my dash today.

why are you doing this to your fandom!?!?!?!?!?!?!

it shouldn't be PORN possible for someone PORN to be that PORN amazingly PORN attractive while PORN stroking PORN his leg PORNPORNPORN

________ has a birthmark slightly below and to the left of his right hip bone. I want to kiss, lick, and nibble on that birthmark as I make my way down his body before sucking him off.

i love that quirky lop-sided smile. it makes me a little dizzy.

Today is the day I'm gonna die, too much for my poor heart. I'm not worry about my ovaries they are very happy jummping, but my heart OMG it is in DEFCON 3

i would fit perfectly in between those legs... 

bloody hell fire

oh! holy fuck! thats...impairing my functioning right now...

coming out of the gifset and straight into my life. yes, please!

holy mother of god i'm dead now...

pretty? this is basically porn.

oh god.... errrrrrr *thud* ow...falling over on top of you

well, everything in this photo is just purrfect!

After seeing it over and over, I feel the need to analyze what it is about this picture that is too fucking adorable.

...and that was the sound of my ovaries exploding. again.


I never though smoking was attractive, but then you got this a$$hole right here!!!!! so not only did my ovaries explode, my lungs did also.

i just made the most incoherent noise i don't even

everything he does is just sex
i can not explain what this does for me.

i mean it's nothing knew or anything, but that doesn't mean it is not fucking remarkable. emphasis on fucking. as always.

look at his lips. just do it.

you are my guilty pleasure. and i wanna lick your collarbone. sorry and thank you!

stupid sexy british man

the pure emotion on his face ohmygod.

I spend absolutely EVERY single minute of my day pretending I'm with ________. Various fantasties ensue.

dear "________ ___________," i'm a little convinced that you aren't a real person, that i'm somehow in a perpetual dream...

i love the suspenders.

back when he was eating 4,000 calories a day and not living off a bean sprout.

he's dressed like he is in mumford & sons. holyshitwow

________ ilu you perfy mc perf butt

So this is my life now, opening Tumblr and growling at ________ ___________ photos, biting my fist and thinking "how can you...? What are you...? Where do you...? WHY?! Ajioajfioagjagjoajrgoa"

I want to rest my head against his chest and hear his velvety voice rumble though his chest and into me.

He looks different in this photos... I don't know exactly what, though.
But he seems more mature, more... manly?

And I love everything about this particular photo.
The distant eyes, the serious expression on his face, the mouth, the attitude and, of course, the veins in his right arm. Oh God.. To my despair, he just keep getting better with age...

that's 6ft of unf right there.

how did one man get to be so sexy?

*whispers* take your top off...

my ovaries were not prepared for this.

fuck you and the fucking braces you road in on. but seriously, you seem so nice and i love you, so call me maybe?

he follows you down, covering half of your body with his, and he kisses you again, both of you eager and inhaling deeply. you run your hands through his hair and pull a little. he presses his lips hard onto yours, devouring your mouth. he tastes like red wine.

fuck. that...i...dear god that is the sexiest fucking thing. oh god.

I haven't seen this one before as far as I can tell. That look on his face is just... Gods I'd love to know what he's thinking to have put it there.

i didn't think it was possible to look that amazing in suspenders....

ugh remember when we thought they were photoshoot clothes and then it turned out they were from his personal wardrobe and I almost peed myself nbd

Oh, the... the things... the... with the trousers and the... oh... the... arms are... mh... and the shirt and the hair... god... and the... the man. The man-man.

#go away you perfect human bein

must re-blog. too gorgeous not to.

this outfit does things to my nethers.

asdfdfghlfidug suspender_____ yes take me now

the arm pit kiss is really sexy actually. please also note the eskimo kiss and how it looks like he's thrusting his hips in to her.

oh for the love of god, you beautiful motherfucker.

hope you'll enjoy this as much as i will... let's start with the bulgiest picture i own.

this picture is gorgeous. gorgeous.
he looks damn good
I'm glad its not just me that has a think about the veins in his arms and hands.

I wish, if anything, I could be his friend.

The day i almost vomited a kitten at the outfit. The outfit that turned in to his all time favourite for a while. Sometimes, I think we tumblr fangirls are really, really, really weird. We vomit kittens and rainbows, die all the time, shake and cry or throw our panties in the air over actors we claim to hate because they're so damn gorgeous. I mean... we're really weird.

his entire being is a thing of wonder

christ, he looks like he's having a fucking orgasm. i love that shirt. you know where it would look really awesome? on the floor of my bedroom.

Reblogging again for sexy sex stare....

his face in the second one ruins... things, like my underwear..

I don't think I will ever meet him, but just in case our paths do cross...I have already thought of names for our 6 children.

I know he's acting when he does all this shit, but ughhh he's definitely an eyes open lover. And this bloody turns me on. Fappppp

Fuuuuck. To have him stare at me like that... And an open-eyes lover. To let him see the look on my face as he makes me come... Oh God. I am ridiculously horny now. It's not fair.

FUCK ME ________!

Even if only in my dreams. Is one explicit, vivid, sexy-ass ___________ dream really too much to ask? Honestly. Why don't I ever have awesome, sexy dreams, like, at all? I feel gypped.

______smut prompt: ________ reads, aloud, an especially smutty ________ fic to you while you touch yourself. Then he comes over and acts it out with you, because he has learned something from the fic and wants to try it out.

Shit, I'm just gonna stare at this .gif for awhile longer now and let my imagination run wild.

aahhhhh he is so pretty!!!

beauty spot! also, fuck, what are his eyes doing? amazing things.
the eyes kill me so dead.

the bob of his adam's apple at the end there — ugh!

sexy hand move, sexy head move alkdsjghslkjgfhsfhlsdkfh ______feels :x

for god's sake, he looks like he's from a boy band
never has answering the phone been sexier

that little bounce is in order to get under that luscious hair of his. but still so damn sassy.



Oh my God he looks like some ridiculous singer in a music video or something.
the way the light carves his cheekbones. the slight upward tilt of the head. the motion of his hand. his lips. his mesmerizing eyes. oh my just
oh my
my panties.

I always feel like pictures do not do this man justice
Yes he can look handsome in some, but while he's moving he's incredible call me maybe right the fuck now please.

holy. mother. fuck me plz.

dear sweet lord, my ovaries cannot handle the stress anymore. they've liquified.

I have been staring at this for the past three minutes.
Look at the little head tilt he does before he puts the phone against his ear. It's so fluid, like a snake...

that mother fuck of a thrust gets me in my knickers every. fucking. time.

i just read '________ could be like, forefinger man' as: _________ could be like, foreskin man. now i'm imagining he's a giant, uncircumcised penis. omg look wat u've done.

oh tonguetastic!!! how can an accidental tongue slip be so bloody sexy?!

eunhf and omg and... my bedroom is only a cab ride away

he's soooooo cute :'3

Giggly dorky ___ is my fave! He is very childlike in his excitability and expressions. His Tigger analogy is spot on. Genuinely think you'd have trouble shutting him up when he's all giddy like that. I think tickle fight would be the most productive way! I bet he's damn ticklish! And he'd be all....okay okay I give in! He'd let you think you've won, and then bam a minute later he'd be all smirky and dive on you to tickle you more! Bloody bastard!

I love it when he does that sweeping to the side hand gesture thing. And when he frowns and tilts his head while making a point. And when he covers his mouth while talking. And [keysmash keysmash keysmash]

reblogging because that is an awful lot of pretty.

holy moly. im really now starting to wonder if there are more than one of him; how can one person be this talented, this sweet, this energetic, this smart, this handsome, this funny, the word "fire" never sounded so hot!

your face is my favorite.

#who gave you the permission to be so perfect.

i just really love you, ok?

i cannot stop staring/too many boners tonight whoops


WHAT THE?! I scrolled down to about his eyes, and then I lost the page. And when i came back to it......... That Happened.
Well, he is pretty devilish :)

whoa where did my pants go


fingers. all the fingers. and the crinkles. if he is the devil, i want the devil in me

I want to make ________ moan in that deep, rich voice of his. I want him to be moaning my name.

holy fucking fuck.

replace that cigar and flame with a cock...and we're golden...

may i dry you sir, with my body heeheehee

The way his lips slide off that fruit...
*locks self in bathroom*

Hot. Totally hot.

And is it my imagination or is there a little bit of peach juice at the corner of his mouth? (That is a peach, right?) UNF.

It's disturbing how much time I spent looking at this.
I can't tell if I find this hilarious or sexy...

the noise I just made omg
Whyn'cha come over here and let me mess up that hair.

UNF. Yes please.
Stop it. Just stop this. Unfffff

I want ________ to fuck me hard, I want to be able to look into his mesmerizing eyes as he cums.

Oh my gosh your hair.

I have this fantasy where _________ and I meet each other and we immediately hit off. We spend the day together just laughing and talking about everything and nothing. At one point we go into a lift and it suddenly stops moving. We hear that it'll take at least an hour until it's fixed. After haring that, ________ starts tearing my clothes off and says: "I've wanted to do this ever since I layed eyes on you."

That spot on ________'s left eyebrow an the ones on his neck make me want to investigate and count every single one he has on his body. I'd probably lost count and start all over again ...

Sometimes, I feel physical pain, because I know I'm never going to father ________'s children. I just want him to be happy.

I want ________ to be happy, but I dread the day I log on to tumblr and see a photo of him with a gorgeous girl on his arm and it's not me.

One time I dreamt that ________ and I were on a big yacht. He kissed me passionately while caressing my body with his big hands. Afterwards he fucked me gently and hard in the bed.

he's like "hahahaha, boom pregnant" if i were on the receiving end of that ^ i'd fall over dead.

I want him to look at me with those big eyes while his head gets lower, and lower down my body.

I am lesbian. I always have been. But I would do anything – ANYTHING – that ________ wanted .I've never had such a craving to suck cock before.

Every since I became a fan of ________ I've been masturbating at least three times a day. I can't help myself.

God I wish I could bite that freckle on his neck

My greatest fantasy is that ________ is a Dom and I'm his sub, and he deson't let me come without his consent.

I've never been the broody type of girl, but if I married _________ however, I would want children as soon as possible. I find myself wanting his children as much as I want sex from him. The thought of having _________'s children turns me on on such a deep level. I think _________ simply brings out the woman in me.

________, just fingerfuck me whenever you like.

I think I could orgasm just by stroking ________'s cheekbones.

After reading an interview where ________ mentioned a few bookstores he frequents, I couldn't get the image of him shagging me against the bookshelves out of my head. After a discussion of our favourite books, of course.

i can't believe it. it's amazing. he's amazing. he's singing in the deepest most seductive voice the unf noise at the end i am having a hot flush i am dead this is most unreal week ever. just. click. play. ffs.

Lately I've had the strongest urge to kiss _________ on the cheek. Nothing more. Just his cheek.

I want to cuddle up with _________ on a stormy night, drink some wine, and have him read 'The Historian' by Elizabeth Kostova to me.

The shape of ________'s lips and nose in profile really turns me on.

As much as I would love to have passionate sex with _________, I'd be happy just to meet him and have a nice conversation. That would be enough for me.

I truly believe that ________ could handle me emotionally, hold me the nights I can't stop crying, and make me the happiest girl on earth.


I often imagine ________'s beautiful hands softly drawing lines over my skin like he's writing a story on my naked body, and occasionally punctuating it with a kiss from those stunning lips.

i just want to hug him and pet his head and tell him he's adorable that's not creepy right

neck! porn! in motion!

i love the twitch in his lip once he gets the scarf off :)

I want ________ to fuck me on his motorbike.

While I am very sure that sex with ________ would be fantastic, I would much rather lay curled up against him while he reads to me.

Fingers, my friend ... ________'s fingers and my body.

I want to adore and admire ________'s feet. I don't really have a foot fetish or anything, I just love the way his feet curve, his long toes, his pale skin. I just really want to fondle his feet.

I can only orgasm if I imagine that it's ________ touching me.

________ is the only man I'd let have me any way he wanted to.

reblogging because dorky ginger man ahoy.

I want to carry and give birth to ________'s babies. I don't care if I'm his love or just a surrogate mother who doesn't even get to have sex with him. I just want to be the women who gives him what he's always wanted.

________'s long, slender fingers wrapped around my waist as he takes me recklessly from behind.

________ needs to stop appearing in magazines because these photoshoots are driving my ovaries insane

I love all of his facial expressions

I know it's not right, I know I sound crazy, I know I'm just an ordinary, boring person living halfway across the world from him, but god dammit looking at him and knowing that I will never get a chance even to just talk to him causes me PHYSICAL PAIN. Yep, physical pain. I'm a psychotic asshole, and I can't fix it god knows I've tried. Uuuuuggghhhhhh I WISH I KNEW HOW TO QUIT YOU... FUCK

The hair! I'm developing a serious fetish over here.

Could you imagine the cheekbones on their babies? First Fetus with a fandom.

its ok that i think this is hot, yes?

Can't stop imagining him doing yoga in this tank top now. And I want to marry this drawing, Emmy!

He truly is the splendidest.

________ slides his middlefinger into me, curling it against the roof of my cunt. he looks up at me with those heavenly eyes, full of arousal, as he lowers his lips to my slit, kissing the lips and probing me with his tongue. he adds another one of those long, agile fingers and fucks me so good while licking at my clit until i come hard. all the while he's gently humping the mattress cause he's just so fucking horny.

Oh my God...*explodes*

oh, okay then. i'll just schedule a quick sob into my evening then shall i?
if it is a vaginal sob then sure.

being in public together at an event. sat next to him. thankfully the table cloth hides it all but i start by caressing his hands, knees, thighs, circling his bulge in his suit trousers. while he tries to eat his meal and hold a convo with whoever. then every now and again and ill squeeze his bulge to find hes already hard at my teasing. it ends by him desperately putting me in a cab and not even making it to the bedroom.

i bet they would literally be good fucking fingers too.. ;) 

he looks fresh as fuck. quite literally probably. au naturel. 

Usually I notice someone's eyes first before anything, but oh god those lips of his! They are just perfect.

I have this fantasy where he comes to me all sore and achy, and I just have him take off his shirt and lay on his stomach so I can massage him. He loves it. And he loves it even more when I give him a good backscratch afterwards.

He's got the prettiest eyes I've ever seen.

I imagine being with him several times a day all day long every day

I used to think he was so unusual looking, and couldn't understand why my friends all liked him so much. Now I get it.

Its embarrassing how much I just want to hug him, and run my hands through his hair. And smell him. I bet he smells like oranges.

If you only saw what I can see you'll understand why I want you so desperately

The way you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed.

As much as I love his magnificent eyes and his define cheekbones, another thing I love is the beauty-spot on the right side of his neck. It's amazingly hypnotizing. I'd love to just nuzzle it while playing with his soft hair ...

I just thought that you should know that I just caught the bouquet at my friend's wedding and you're the only one I have in mind

I have the desire to give his tummy raspberries

he is my thinspiration

I find him absolutely breathtakingly beautiful.

My depression is partly because I will never be able to have a conversation with him and have it mean something.

Just once I want to be the reason for that smile.

wouldn't it be perfect if his hair was so awesome that it would kiss me back? it looks like it would, doesn't it?

great hair, great eyes, i swear i'm still gay.

his hair looks like a sponge. rub a dub dub. 

this is how i want you. just like this.

breath in, hold, breath out, bite lip, smile

those ever changing eyes...

he's not a person. our collective imaginations made up a god.

i just want to put my fingers through those curls.

also can i just marry the way you sit in the second gif, mr?

i would fit well right under that arm

The biggest problem in our relationship is that I think I love him more than he loves me. Also, we've never met so that could be an issue. 

___________ kissing. i've never been more aroused. god, does he really have such a sexy kisser, too? is sexy smoking, talking, walking, acting not enough?

holy shit. i was not prepared for this. whoops where have my pants gone


he reaches one his hands up and slowly undoes your hair, which falls around your shoulders. he breathes in the scent of your shampoo. he brushes away the hair from your neck and kisses you there, sweetly. you move your right hand to his waist and feel his torso muscles as he moves. he trails off singing and you start humming the bass line to the song, which is a little bit faster. your swaying quickens a bit for a while. he takes your right hand again in his and begins to dip you. first, a legitimate careful dip where he sees how beautiful you are in his arms. he brings you back up and surprises you with a hungry kiss on the mouth. but before you can get into the kiss, you feel his left hand pulling the zipper of your skirt down. then he dips you once again, this time onto the bed, your head landing softly on the pillow.

crinkle sulky chin.

he needs his hips to open my safe.

Hello salty goodness!

i was scrolling around the ________ ___________ tag and started getting insane goosebumps, my heart rate increased and...i actually had an orgasm on the spot! not even kidding. i have a straight face right now. this never happens! omfg i have never felt this way for anyone in my life! damn. i didn't even know that was possible! shit...i'm still getting a ripple effect here! my mind has been blown. what is going on? has this ever happened to anyone?

him and his bloody arse!! the friendship is really something. 

tag your neck porn people.

scrubs up so fucking nicely. 

he looked super, extra handsome in this scene.

laaaaavly huh!?

so my first post goes to naked ________...

he is smoking my feels right now. look how happy he is doing that?
and that middle finger is fucking huge, ok.

my fuckin ovaries

mmm...wet!beach!_____...i think i have a new happy thought!!

i'm so not looking at his crotch. nope.

hyperventilation!! i can't do it any more. this is just too much!! *dies of hyperventilation*

daniel craig ain't got shit on this man!!

Oh my God, this is perfection. I finally have a decent reference of attractive male anatomy!!! IN HQ!! Thank you so much!! :D

Reblogging for the hand porn.

his shorts are undone... i am undone...

has anyone seen my pants? i can't find them anywhere...

abs. abs. oh dear lord.

no comment needed.

just when i thought i could do with burying my face in ________'s collar bone tits, this miracle of a gif comes along.
it's what i've always wanted, thank you.

oh just kill me now

i think i just came.

did not find him particularly attractive until now.

bet he's the type to steal your phone and when you look at it a few hours later, there's videos like that and face warped pictures.

you adorable dork

he looks like he's found a pair of knickers in his pocket or something but i swear it might've been me. 

oh you.
the amount of times this man has unintentionally made me choke on what i'm eating at the time of watching him. i'm surprised i am still alive to be honest. this one was a near death experience with a pringle. 

i did make this gifset for reasons. i did not make this to watch his bare and smooth and lickable chest. definitely absolutely truly nope. 

oh my gawd, sweet chocolate muffins his. phone. voice.

I want to watch TV and cuddle ________ while his fingers trail patterns along my spine.

it just looks like he's saying, "errrrrrection", ok.

I'm married, and I loved my husband. However, if ________ approached and a sexual encounter was put forward, I wouldn't think twice. He is beautiful.

I love the "Oh hello" accidental butt touch face. 

I really love that outfit. And that little forehead-curl is absolutely gorgeous.

Goddamn it, ________. I had shit to do today! that didn't involve me being in my bunk OH. DEAR. FUCKING. GOD. HIS. FACE.

yeah honey it'd be great if i cAN JUST KEEP MY OVARIES OKAY?!!!!!!!!!!!!?

cheekbones: the this is just ridiculous you have to be kidding me edition

fuuuuuuuhuuuuuuuhhhhhuuuuuuuck me.


OMFG. That sound was me falling out of my chair at that first picture. How can he not see how amazingly stunning he is?

Dear Sir, You are fucking perfection.

he looks mighty fine

gonna need a fresh pair of knickers.


AGAIN. BECAUSE YESSSSS. Imagine going to meet ________ somewhere and he's trying to be all unnoticed and turns up like THAT.

i know this is creepy, and my fangirl is showing, but sometimes i see ________ ___________ and im struck with so much emotion cause im like: i hugged that. and i just smile and cant really function for a moment. 
oh my god you gorgeous thing

Oh thank you for this really big version. My ovaries were only destroyed once the first time.

That top one is doing things to me.


This man is going to kill me with how hot he looks in this movie.

dear saints above preserve our ovaries!


How will I function for the rest of the day with that mental image and that photo popping up everywhere? *melts*

Utterly adorable.  This man's future children will have THE WORLD wrapped around their little fingers.

hahaha omg the last one *and slowly squeeze the testikle until it disappears.*

i just want to punch you in the face you perfect motherfucker

id love to watch that man sign

oh what those fingers could do in that same position. :scornful thoughts: :no regrets:

Many faces of a handsome man. Seems to be the best thing on my dash <3

in that moment, ________ realized just how insane the ______bitches/babes are...

so freaking adorbs

___________ kissing.
I've never been more aroused. God, does he really have to be such a sexy kisser? Is sexy smoking, talking, walking, acting not enough?

Just so beautiful.

While sex with ________ would be incredible, I want nothing more than to rub my face in his chest hair while he runs his fingers through my hair.

I know that if I take a few moments to watch the video of ________ dancing to Thriller, my mood will instantly improve. He gives me a sense of optimism and reminds me to be silly, which is exactly what Ive been lacking lately. Im very grateful to him for that.

Whenever I see that camera angle in his Bazaar interview, where it zooms up on his hand as he plays with his fingers, I get super giddy and cant help but imagine those fingers moving like that inside me.

Id love to spend a whole day with ________ at the Tate Modern, talking about the pieces of art wed like. In the evening hes take me to his favorite club for dinner, and later wed recline on a large velvet covered sofa, drinking red wine from each others mouths.

He probably would never agree to do it but I want to have sex with ________

Why do people have to attribute characteristics to their crushes that they just dont have? ________ is a fine actor, but he doesnt have beautiful eyes. He just doesnt. Theyre small, and unsymmetrical and not special at all I still like him and dont have to pretend hes perfect in order to think hes great.

I saw a gif of ___ laughing and I was overwhelmed with sadness because I want to laugh with him and make him laugh so badly.

Imagine his sex voice. Like really.

Everytime I masturbate I imagine Im leaning back against ________s chest. His amazing hands are on my body. One slipping up my thigh between my legs. The other teasing my nipples. His fingers dancing over my skin. His deep voice whispering in my ear. I cum moaning his name.

Suddenly, every love song I hear is about him

Ive been called cold-hearted, heartless and a psycho. I am also very intelligent. I hate the brainless ones of my generation. Then I actually saw ________ and I just lost it. I screamed like a real fangirl would and freaked out. That was a proof for myself that I do have a heart. I almost stopped believing I did.

______ fucking swag. working it. i like how he goes from "smile" to "eye sex bitch".

second gif - using sex power, bam!

god, his hair.

He is working it like a fucking boss I tells ya .......he is so much more confident in front of a bank of cameras now than he was 2 years ago - it's a joy to see

porn for my ears........ that last....sound omg //

/sobs uncontrollably

umm... i may have just jizzed my pantalonès! ;o

Excuse me; yum. YUM.

He makes me so happy.


All photographers should be required to take pictures of this man while he's speaking. His mouth is a thing of wonder.

YES, I LIKE HIS UGLY MUG. So what? I find him attractive. Is anyone's business but mine, who I find attractive?

Look! He's growing out his hair! Gosh, isn't he so cute? His eyes are amazing here...

Wellll helllooo beautiful. Where have you been all my life?

_________'s hands are my weakness. If I ever met him in a not so busy moment in his life, I would ask to feel them. I want to memorize them by touch. They seem so strong and large. I wonder if he would be fascinated by that contact, not words or questions, just touch.

I believe in sex after marriage, but if I met ________, and he offered me one night with him, I doubt I'd be able to uphold that standard.

He is so goddamn beautiful.

jesus ________ be careful how you deploy those things.

that's a threat to someone's bottom and i sure hope it's mine. 

wow all these amazing new pictures we have! we have been utterly spoilt!! he's gorgeous. absolutely freaking gorgeous.

oh lordy, is there anything this man does that isn't achingly sexy?

________ ___________; slowly undressing for your viewing pleasure.

Goodness you've got a lovely face.

oh boy. imagine him back at the hotel after an awards ceremony... waiting for you to use the bathroom, both jet lagged to fuck, while you shout, a bit drunk, "put on e! i wanna try and spot us!".

i'd suck them too, tbh. 

gratuitous curl porn.....

is someone sparking up or are my knickers on fire? i wanna do a shotgun with him so. bad.